Beyond limit

Last week I got to know that Megha is taking pills for depression for the last 6-8 months. This was shocking for me I couldn’t believe it, I thought this is just another joke about to come from her mouth. She is so a fun-loving person, you can not be sad or you can not seat silently in her presence. She will make you express yourself. She will give you that comfort to open up. She is amazing. How such a person can be depressed?

So many questions are running through my mind. What happened? How this can happen? No, she does not have any psychological illness.

I wanted to know. We met again and insisted to tell me what happened.

Nayan, The person she is in a relationship with. He loves Megha a lot. No one doubts it. Nayan is so possessive about Megha. When Nayan is not in the city, he always wants to be in touch with Megha through text messages or calls. He cares for her. Keep asking what are doing? where are you going?

To love someone deeply is good, to care for someone to the fullest is great, and to be possessive of someone you love is normal. But you have to understand that you have to give some space to everyone you love. You should not embrace anyone so tightly that he or she can’t breathe.

to be continued….

Men’s world

First of all, I tell you I truly believe in gender equality even though men and women both are different,  physically and emotionally.

Men and women should be respected equally. but the sad thing is around the world men have established supremacy compared to women.

I do not doubt that women are equally capable to do every work that men can do. In the field of Sports, Science, Politics or any work that needs physical and mental strength, women have proved themself.

Our society has one equal mindset around the world. In the very important decision of selecting a partner, women have very limited options from the list of men who have chosen her. In most of the cases where men choose women and women have the right to say yes or no. that’s good. Women like to be chosen she loves to be appreciated.

Wow, women’s decision is final.

Do you think this is equality?

Why women can not make a decision and choose a person she loves?
A woman who chooses a man she loves and proposes to him, people will question her character. This is where inequality can be seen.

Women are still not free to choose or propose to their dream man even if she is found one. In the fear of people will question her character if she will take initiative. forget the society the man who she loves might question her dignity.

This is not a south Indian movie. This is reality. She can not propose, Maximum she smiles when she wants to flirt or she wants to give hint. And wait for her luck.

Men’s World.

Love is beautiful

Yes, this is the most beautiful feeling when you are in love no matter what. And seriously you don’t need to know the name of those chemicals (Testosterone, Estrogen, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Vasopressin etc.) for the reason behind your feeling. Nature has given us the wonderful gift of feeling called love and the different types of stages of love you go through in the process. Different stages like Lust, attraction, and attachment. Be careful when you fall in love, you might not succeed in the first attempt. And remember you always have to try for your love. many times. But you have to decide the person you are trying to be in a relationship is he or she has the same feeling for you? are you not running for the wrong person? because the right person will never run.

Try hard, but

But it is ok, you can run :D, we all do stupid things when we are in love. love is Intoxication. The love hormone oxytocin has similar affects to being drunk. When (it takes a few days or years ) you will get out of it you will laugh at the silly things you have done. You will feel that love again by remembering those silly stupid things. So it is ok you can run for a person you love, you can waste your time to get what you love. but don’t cross the limit. Life is not a Bollywood movie. Don’t do anything forcefully, don’t be mad, and don’t try hard that your act put a negative impact. Don’t create such a memory that you can not make yourself laugh upon it and nobody wants to hear.

It is really beautiful when starts when your eyes meet and spark at the same time. And you are speechless and feeling amazing. Thousands of words are not enough to describe that feeling. In search of words, everyone becomes a poet.

Acceptance of rejection

Yes no matter how good you are. but at one point you might be rejected. It is to be understood that you are not always good enough for everyone. and you are not even a good option for a particular person or a job post or a group of people, those are a good option for you. Yes, rejection is painful, and the level of pain depends on how much effort you took to be chosen. At some point we need to find the line where we stop trying for it, yes it is not easy to decide where to stop and when to let it go.

Face the rejection to the fullest, accept it in a healthy way. Don’t let the rejection hold you like this, this can wreak havoc on all your life.

See there are thousands of ways to deal with it and can come out of it stronger. one rejection if not the end of all. sometimes the rejection opens thousands of other doors. And you will realise at one point that you were busy looking for the key to the doors which were already open.

ok let’s talk about a few points to come out of the experience

Number one, why does rejection hurts a lot?

it is in human nature to be in a group to survive. when someone rejects us, we feel pain is very obvious, rejection is against everything we feel like we need for survival. Rejection is depend on how are we attached to those whom we wanted to be chosen. Or what we have to offer them. We need to choose people of similar attachment styles in which they view themselves as being lovable and worthy.

Number two, don’t reject yourself

At some point in time, we don’t think about taking care of ourselves because we are in pain of rejection. Anger and hurt will be your immediate reaction after rejection. In these moments best thing you can do is self-care, activities like exercise, long run and sports are great ways to get your normal life. So you can think more clearly about the situation instead of getting into the abyss of overthinking.

Number three, give time a little time

Take some time. Do things you love. Calm your senses and pay attention to what you are feeling,

Number four, Work on improving your other skills

Write down positive things about yourself. Think about some of your strengths and values.

Number five spend time with people who loves you.

When you face rejection, remember one thing there are plenty of things and a lot of people are waiting for you. Spend time with people who make you laugh and feel loved. if you are not able to meet the people who love you just think about them or talk to them

Number six: Don’t be harsh for yourself.

There is nothing wrong with you. We all including successful people get rejected at some point. it is ok, we should not punish ourselves. looking at the situation more objectively and asking yourself if there’s anything you can learn from the experience — and doing so with compassion towards yourself.

Number seven: being healthy is fun

How do you respond to the rejection? maybe you did not sleep or eat enough or irregular. It would be harder to come over of it. So it is better to choose a healthy life. Eating well, sleeping on time, staying hydrated and doing exercise regularly. This will make you strong both way mentally and physically.

I stand with my country and my Prime Minister….

Our PM Narendra Modi is dealing with an exceptional crisis. No PM has had to face such a situation that has impacted every part of India and every aspect of our lives. If a family member is seriously ill we get shaken. Here, 130 crore people are at risk. Some say lockdown should’ve been earlier. Some say Army should’ve been called. Some are saying intelligence failure while still others say that he is trying to appease by announcing certain measures.

Everyone has retrospective opinions but NONE are ready to bear the responsibility of 130 cr people. Only he has to.

If the lockdown doesn’t succeed then he gets targeted. If it does, still he gets targeted because the economy is hit.

Our PM’s timely call for a lockdown has been appreciated by all Nations, the World over. If he had not called for a lockdown, he would’ve been hounded for lethargy even if it had kept the economy going. He has always been at the receiving end by the opposition and it’s cronies & followers who have their own axes to grind. These people keep saying that he has called for a nation of 130 cr to stop work; for the poor to risk going without food. The rich are crying that their earnings have stopped and their lifestyles thwarted. While the middle-class criticise by saying: ‘you’re not doing enough to help us financially.’

A 70-year old man is bearing the weight of 130 cr people and their expectations without flinching, without digressing, without leveling accusations at anyone, and without giving excuses is going about doing selfless service to the Nation.

And here, some people who do not appreciate what he does, sit at home and try to become obstacles in his endeavors!!

Yes, Does his work because he feels it is his responsibility.
But then, he too is human and the pressure is enormous. Despite all the criticisms leveled against him he is doing his job with single-minded devotion & focus. This devotion and dedication is unparalleled in our history. Never had our PM, even once asked for praise. One after the other he has been dealing with India’s core issues.

The Covid -19 is the toughest of all problems Narendra Modi has been faced with.

His strong will and efforts to overcome this unique, daunting problem will also succeed.

As law abiding citizens of Bharat let us all send him positive vibes, instead of complaining and criticising him. Let us all pray for our PM’s Good Health and wish him all success in his fight against Covid-19.

I stand with my country and my Prime Minister….


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