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I stand with my country and my Prime Minister….

Our PM Narendra Modi is dealing with an exceptional crisis. No PM has had to face such a situation that has impacted every part of India and every aspect of our lives. If a family member is seriously ill we get shaken. Here, 130 crore people are at risk. Some say lockdown should’ve been earlier. Some say Army should’ve been called. Some are saying intelligence failure while still others say that he is trying to appease by announcing certain measures.

Everyone has retrospective opinions but NONE are ready to bear the responsibility of 130 cr people. Only he has to.

If the lockdown doesn’t succeed then he gets targeted. If it does, still he gets targeted because the economy is hit.

Our PM’s timely call for a lockdown has been appreciated by all Nations, the World over. If he had not called for a lockdown, he would’ve been hounded for lethargy even if it had kept the economy going. He has always been at the receiving end by the opposition and it’s cronies & followers who have their own axes to grind. These people keep saying that he has called for a nation of 130 cr to stop work; for the poor to risk going without food. The rich are crying that their earnings have stopped and their lifestyles thwarted. While the middle-class criticise by saying: ‘you’re not doing enough to help us financially.’

A 70-year old man is bearing the weight of 130 cr people and their expectations without flinching, without digressing, without leveling accusations at anyone, and without giving excuses is going about doing selfless service to the Nation.

And here, some people who do not appreciate what he does, sit at home and try to become obstacles in his endeavors!!

Yes, Does his work because he feels it is his responsibility.
But then, he too is human and the pressure is enormous. Despite all the criticisms leveled against him he is doing his job with single-minded devotion & focus. This devotion and dedication is unparalleled in our history. Never had our PM, even once asked for praise. One after the other he has been dealing with India’s core issues.

The Covid -19 is the toughest of all problems Narendra Modi has been faced with.

His strong will and efforts to overcome this unique, daunting problem will also succeed.

As law abiding citizens of Bharat let us all send him positive vibes, instead of complaining and criticising him. Let us all pray for our PM’s Good Health and wish him all success in his fight against Covid-19.

I stand with my country and my Prime Minister….



India : We will attack.
Pak : Can we talk?
India : We have talked so many time, It’s all meaningless now.
Pak : Uneducated people choose war.
India : Why don’t you stop terrorism. I have 25 lack of military personnel. why don’t you scare?
Pak : We don’t scare, we know you will not initiate the war. You believe in development.
India : So why don’t you believe in development.
Pak : Why don’t you game us rest of the Kashmir? We will start thinking about development after getting Kashmir.
India : You have some part of Kashmir, What have you done with it? Terrorist camps?
Pak : We don’t support terrorism, its Kashmiri people are fighting for freedom.
India : When will you stop lying? Why are you giving them guns, bombs, training, funds?
Pak : No, We are just giving moral support to people of Kashmir, You should set Kashmir free.
India : It is not possible, Kashmir is an Integral part of India, You are already capturing Kashmir’s part, now stop attacking Indian security forces and innocent people of India.
Pak : Do you have proof?
India : Jaish-e-Mohammed claims this attack. Its headquarter is located in Pakistan.
Pak : Pakistan is not involved in such an attack.
India : We have no option left.
Pak : We are ready for war. We will not take time like you to think to retaliate, We will retaliate immediately. Even if you stop river water, will be considered as a war
India : Typing…