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Men’s world

First of all, I tell you I truly believe in gender equality even though men and women both are different,  physically and emotionally.

Men and women should be respected equally. but the sad thing is around the world men have established supremacy compared to women.

I do not doubt that women are equally capable to do every work that men can do. In the field of Sports, Science, Politics or any work that needs physical and mental strength, women have proved themself.

Our society has one equal mindset around the world. In the very important decision of selecting a partner, women have very limited options from the list of men who have chosen her. In most of the cases where men choose women and women have the right to say yes or no. that’s good. Women like to be chosen she loves to be appreciated.

Wow, women’s decision is final.

Do you think this is equality?

Why women can not make a decision and choose a person she loves?
A woman who chooses a man she loves and proposes to him, people will question her character. This is where inequality can be seen.

Women are still not free to choose or propose to their dream man even if she is found one. In the fear of people will question her character if she will take initiative. forget the society the man who she loves might question her dignity.

This is not a south Indian movie. This is reality. She can not propose, Maximum she smiles when she wants to flirt or she wants to give hint. And wait for her luck.

Men’s World.

Love is beautiful

Yes, this is the most beautiful feeling when you are in love no matter what. And seriously you don’t need to know the name of those chemicals (Testosterone, Estrogen, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Vasopressin etc.) for the reason behind your feeling. Nature has given us the wonderful gift of feeling called love and the different types of stages of love you go through in the process. Different stages like Lust, attraction, and attachment. Be careful when you fall in love, you might not succeed in the first attempt. And remember you always have to try for your love. many times. But you have to decide the person you are trying to be in a relationship is he or she has the same feeling for you? are you not running for the wrong person? because the right person will never run.

Try hard, but

But it is ok, you can run :D, we all do stupid things when we are in love. love is Intoxication. The love hormone oxytocin has similar affects to being drunk. When (it takes a few days or years ) you will get out of it you will laugh at the silly things you have done. You will feel that love again by remembering those silly stupid things. So it is ok you can run for a person you love, you can waste your time to get what you love. but don’t cross the limit. Life is not a Bollywood movie. Don’t do anything forcefully, don’t be mad, and don’t try hard that your act put a negative impact. Don’t create such a memory that you can not make yourself laugh upon it and nobody wants to hear.

It is really beautiful when starts when your eyes meet and spark at the same time. And you are speechless and feeling amazing. Thousands of words are not enough to describe that feeling. In search of words, everyone becomes a poet.

Seven Stages of Love

1. Dilkashi: (attraction) When we see a person, and found him/her beautiful, We want to see them again and again.

2. Uns: (infatuation) When we start meeting a person we found beautiful and you keep remembering their speech, thoughts or style. when you eager to know more about him/her.

3. Ishq: (love) When you like someone the most, When you Love someone

4. Akidat: (trust/reverence) Ok, let me tell you one secret, If you love someone doesn’t mean you trust them, Trust is a big thing.

5. Ibadat: (worship) Just imagine How much do you love them if you start worshiping him/her. But I tell you, If you love any living person that much, He or she will loose interest in you

6. Junoon: (passion/madness) We don’t give any space to mad person in our society.

7. Maut: (death) Suicide is a crime, If you fail to do either you will be jailed or you will be physically disabled