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Seven Stages of Love

1. Dilkashi: (attraction) When we see a person, and found him/her beautiful, We want to see them again and again.

2. Uns: (infatuation) When we start meeting a person we found beautiful and you keep remembering their speech, thoughts or style. when you eager to know more about him/her.

3. Ishq: (love) When you like someone the most, When you Love someone

4. Akidat: (trust/reverence) Ok, let me tell you one secret, If you love someone doesn’t mean you trust them, Trust is a big thing.

5. Ibadat: (worship) Just imagine How much do you love them if you start worshiping him/her. But I tell you, If you love any living person that much, He or she will loose interest in you

6. Junoon: (passion/madness) We don’t give any space to mad person in our society.

7. Maut: (death) Suicide is a crime, If you fail to do either you will be jailed or you will be physically disabled