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Acceptance of rejection

Yes no matter how good you are. but at one point you might be rejected. It is to be understood that you are not always good enough for everyone. and you are not even a good option for a particular person or a job post or a group of people, those are a good option for you. Yes, rejection is painful, and the level of pain depends on how much effort you took to be chosen. At some point we need to find the line where we stop trying for it, yes it is not easy to decide where to stop and when to let it go.

Face the rejection to the fullest, accept it in a healthy way. Don’t let the rejection hold you like this, this can wreak havoc on all your life.

See there are thousands of ways to deal with it and can come out of it stronger. one rejection if not the end of all. sometimes the rejection opens thousands of other doors. And you will realise at one point that you were busy looking for the key to the doors which were already open.

ok let’s talk about a few points to come out of the experience

Number one, why does rejection hurts a lot?

it is in human nature to be in a group to survive. when someone rejects us, we feel pain is very obvious, rejection is against everything we feel like we need for survival. Rejection is depend on how are we attached to those whom we wanted to be chosen. Or what we have to offer them. We need to choose people of similar attachment styles in which they view themselves as being lovable and worthy.

Number two, don’t reject yourself

At some point in time, we don’t think about taking care of ourselves because we are in pain of rejection. Anger and hurt will be your immediate reaction after rejection. In these moments best thing you can do is self-care, activities like exercise, long run and sports are great ways to get your normal life. So you can think more clearly about the situation instead of getting into the abyss of overthinking.

Number three, give time a little time

Take some time. Do things you love. Calm your senses and pay attention to what you are feeling,

Number four, Work on improving your other skills

Write down positive things about yourself. Think about some of your strengths and values.

Number five spend time with people who loves you.

When you face rejection, remember one thing there are plenty of things and a lot of people are waiting for you. Spend time with people who make you laugh and feel loved. if you are not able to meet the people who love you just think about them or talk to them

Number six: Don’t be harsh for yourself.

There is nothing wrong with you. We all including successful people get rejected at some point. it is ok, we should not punish ourselves. looking at the situation more objectively and asking yourself if there’s anything you can learn from the experience — and doing so with compassion towards yourself.

Number seven: being healthy is fun

How do you respond to the rejection? maybe you did not sleep or eat enough or irregular. It would be harder to come over of it. So it is better to choose a healthy life. Eating well, sleeping on time, staying hydrated and doing exercise regularly. This will make you strong both way mentally and physically.